About 32microns Wool Quilts

Why 32microns wool quilts?

Our quilts are ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Designed and made with craftsmanship to last for 20 years’ use and come with 5-year quality warranty. Machine washable on wool cycle. Fine fleece loves sunshine, so you can dry and air 32microns wool quits in the sun to keep it hygienic and fluffy.

How wool and fabric are sourced?

Victorian and South Australian grown Dorset and Suffolk sheep fleece with length exceeding 8.5 cm and average fiber diameters of 32 microns (the ideal diameter to keep the quilt loft) is used, so the wool will not agglomerate. 400 thread count fine sateen cotton is selected for producing quilt casing, so it is perfect for sensitive skin and you will feel the softness, not the fibre.

How the quilts are made?

The wool fleece is hand interlaced one layer over another, so this technique will ensure the long-lasting warmth and fluffiness and your quilt will stay the condition as newly bought.

Why wool quilt?

Give you comfortable sleep like babies. Wool fits your body better and your pulse rate is lower when you sleep, compared with feather or silk fibre made quilts. Unlike down, wool does not attract dust mites and does not cause static problem. Unlike silk fibre, wool is sunshine friendly.

Care of Product

Sunshine makes wool dry, fluffy and hygienic, so better to air your quilt in the sun regularly. Wash your quilt in 30℃ water on wool cycle in front load washer, and dry it flat naturally, or dry clean it.