Why choose 32microns™?

Often, we were asked by our local and overseas friends and relatives, who suffer from asthma, allergies, and rheumatism, to recommend quality Australian wool products. The more research we did about wool and existing products, the stronger we felt we should actually make the desired wool quilts for them, so we started our journey.

When we source the wool and fabric, we make sure they are hypo-allergenic and suit our friends and relatives with allergies; when we adhere to a craft, we make sure it meets state of the art standard. We only sell wool products that we are confident and confortable with letting our family use every day.

Our Wool

We use Victorian and South Australian grown Dorset and Suffolk sheep fleece with an average length of 8.5 cm, meaning the wool filling won’t get agglomerated after years of use, and average fiber diameters of 32 microns, which is ideal to keep the loft and fluffiness of the quilt.

Our Cotton

We select 400 thread count unbleached pure cotton sateen for the casing, which is fine woven, soft, free of fluorescent brightener, and wool-proof.

Our Craft

Our wool quilts are handmade with craftsmanship.